Alexandra Scott

Chief UX Evangelist & Managing Partner

professional overview

With a combined background in communication, arts, and science — and wide-ranging experience in a variety of media and organizations — Alexandra is a truly multidimensional creative professional. Her passion for optimizing the human experience and her view of design as a tool for achieving strategic goals and improving user outcomes is apparent in her specializations: user experience strategy, information architecture, and workflow optimization, as well as in her dedication to simple and highly functional design. read full bio

tHis is ScotTy

vital info

specialities: operations strategy, process definition & project management, user experience strategy, information architecture & visualization, metadata spec & taxonomy design, wireframing & prototyping, visual design, documentation

audacious life goals: broker mideast peace deal, build doomsday device

super power: ability to improve anything by rearranging it

career in parallel universe: benevolent dictator

weakness: baked goods

useful trivia

  1. knows the lyrics to all the songs in Disney's Aladdin
  2. can solve second order differential equations
  3. hates anything pickled (especially pickles)