If it's worth doing...

You know the rest of the saying. That pretty much sums up our guiding philosophy.

When we started working together back in 2000, we discovered that we shared a level of intellectual rigor that was missing everywhere we looked. We dreamed of applying our skills in a professional environment where everyday strategy, design, technology, and operations approaches met our exacting standards. In 2006, we started the Incredible Pear as a place to do our work the way we know it should be done — with an unfailing commitment to excellence and integrity.

Long story short: We're geeks for problem solving. We stick by our professional values. We don't pull punches. We don't take the easy way around. We don't back down when solutions are challenging, we double down! In fact, there's nothing we love more than a tough problem — they're hands down the most fun, and the most rewarding to solve. We're always looking for projects that allow us to expand our own horizons, master new challenges, solve interesting puzzles, and create better outcomes.

We don't undertake projects lightly, because once we commit, we're all in — working toward solutions that will not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectations for success. Since we're small, we don't spend a lot of time talking a big game, we get busy putting that energy to work to make incredible things happen.

Want to know more about us? Read on...

we're light on our feet

We've stayed small with a purpose. Being a small consultancy gives us a flexibility and agility larger firms just don't have. We're free to choose a unique way forward for each project, fitting solutions to clients, not the other way around. Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of service and attention to clients who want a more personalized experience. The right solution for you is the real bottom line for us, so we work hard to eliminate unnecessary barriers to your success.

we're flexible specialists

Over the last 20+ years, we've worked on a huge variety of projects in all kinds of professional environments. Having spent our earlier career days in the wild west of start-up internet culture, we became seasoned jacks-of-all-trades by necessity. That doesn't mean we don't have specialized skill sets, it means we've learned how to apply that expertise across the broadest possible set of challenges. We have applied experience in areas from strategy and operations management to design and technical architecture, and just about everything in between. Whether we're working hands-on, or collaborating with partners across multiple disciplines, we know how to put our experience to work in every situation.

we're scientists at heart

With a couple of physics degrees between us, we're definitely not afraid of hard problems — in fact, we rather like them. Because the scientific method doesn't just teach us how to deal with questions of math and engineering, it teaches us how to think about hard problems of all kinds. It is the precursor to modern design thinking. (Not to mention that mastering an 8-page thermodynamics proof makes everything look remarkably tractable.) And we want to keep learning, so we're constantly testing, evaluating, and evolving our approach to everything from design and engineering to project management and documentation. We never get tired of finding better ways to do things, and our clients benefit from our relentless optimization.

we're people people

No matter the challenge, the bottom line always comes down to people. You only get positive, sustainable results if you design with that mindset. We work with clients from day one to outline a unique project approach — one that's designed to meet each organization where (and how) it operates — in order to get from kickoff to delivery with maximum success. We work closely with your team to understand and manage expectations, generate and vet requirements, and integrate knowledge every step of the way. In addition to running smoothly, we want your project experience to be fun, engaging, and educational. We enjoy getting to know, and learning from, everyone we work with.

we're customizers

Real problem solving is a creative process, and no two problems are exactly alike. So while we make the most of best-in-class tools and methods, and build on knowledge and approaches developed for other projects, one-size-fits-all solutions are not our style. Sometimes we discover that the best solution is not the easiest, but we are committed to seeking the outcomes that offer you the greatest value rather than relying on quick fixes that can lead to more problems down the road. We work hard to understand your specific requirements, so we can figure out how to deliver solutions that best integrate with your needs and expectations now, and into the future.