nice to meet you

We're a couple of committed problem-solvers who research, strategize, plan, design, and build stuff that helps people do incredible things.

We have more than 40 years' combined experience in our fields, along with myriad skills developed while working across a variety of organizations and environments. And while our clients benefit from our core expertise, we also bring a passion and perspective to our projects that's cultivated through a variety of side hustles and erstwhile pursuits. Click a picture to get to know us a little better!

Alexandra Scott

Chief Strategy Officer, UX Lead & Managing Partner

Jeremy Roberts

Chief Science Officer, Technology Lead & Managing Partner

why a pear, though?

Lots of people ask for the story behind the pear. Back in the golden age of internet start-ups, we were two insatiable learners crammed into a small office together, cooking up our own special brand of trouble — mostly productive, with occasional hijinks. Our boss dubbed us "the incredible pair" and threatened to enter us as a company team on The Amazing Race (Google it if you're under 30) because she was convinced that together we were basically unstoppable (thanks, CinJo :). We were flattered into keeping the moniker, and the rest is... well, just obvious (if slightly fruity) wordplay.

But the moniker still has meaning. As partners, we never stop building and sharing our knowledge of creative, strategic, and technical know-how with each other and our clients. We continue to learn from each other every day, reinforcing our shared committment to professional excellence.