there are no boring problems

When you're curious about the world, and committed to helping others find success, there's no such thing as an uninteresting problem. And when you're small and agile, like us, you find creative ways to support solution-finding.

We frequently operate as independent consultants with organizations, and occasionally with other service providers, lending our leadership and functional expertise to their teams. In order to protect proprietary information shared in these collaborations, we present here the general parameters of active and past projects. If you’d like learn more about how our experience fits with your specific needs, please contact us — we'd be happy to discuss our role and work greater detail.

what we've been up to lately...

start-up operation and workflow design
Using knowledge management for business management

We're developing the operations management systems for a start-up baking business. Using affordable cloud-based software tools, we've created a user-friendly relational database that helps track purchases, inventory, production, and order management and delivery. We've designed a set of standard operating procedures allows the baker to spend more time focused on creating goodies, and less time worrying about business mechanics. The system also tracks sales and profits, and provides critical insight into the status of all aspects of business operations.

cloud-based CMS design
Exploring an agile solution to leveraging research findings

We're working with a national research organization to build a knowledge library derived from a broad body of scientific reporting. We chose cloud-based database software (Airtable) to get a running start in an agile design process focused on a minimum viable base product, with an initial focus on climate change micro-content. We've worked closely with internal teams to develop a content metadata model and related taxonomies, and create prototype products to test a variety of internal use cases.

strategic and operational evaluation
Support strategic focus through operational visibility

We worked with a national media organization to help refine and codify the strategic priorities for one of their major content departments, and to translate that information into a rubric for supporting operational decision-making. We led several rounds of internal team discovery, and leveraged a variety of information visualizations to help illustrate the group's challenges and opportunities. We defined the foundation for a project intake and tracking process that allows insight into that critical intersection of strategy and operations.

educational data analysis
Combining data science, learning, and fun

We're driving the development of a cutting-edge tool for analysis of real-time game-play data for kids ages 2-8 online, designed to help game developers build more educational games, and help parents guide and support their kids' learning activities online.

project strategy and design rethink
Updating a product approach to align with strategic targets

We worked with a key audience-segment team within a major media organization to evaluate the content and strategic positioning of their core digital product. We designed audience research protocols and analyzed user data, did a complete heuristic analysis of online products, provided updated strategic guidance, and developed product wireframes to illustrate a content and design approach more aligned with target audience and internal business expectations.

user experience renovation
Redesigning a complex and outdated data management interface

We provided a usability review and design upgrade for a complex, powerful data search tool for a leading national educational testing organization. Working as part of a large, multiparty product team, we quickly learned the mechanics of the toolset, and created wireframes, visual designs, and clickable prototypes for a more usable and visually appealing workflow and interface. We adapted online workflows for the first prototype of a responsive/mobile version of the toolset.

new frontiers in kids educational games
Pioneering 3D collaborative environments

We've spearheaded the development of a ground-breaking 3D, collaborative game space for school-aged kids, where they can team up with gaming partners from anywhere in the country to solve simple spatial and mathematical challenges to earn rewards.

multiparty collaboration spaces
Moving from static intranet to knowledge sharing portal

We worked collaboratively with the knowledge management team of a national advocacy organization to support the process of transforming their intranet from a static library to a living, breathing online collaboration space. We designed and managed group and individual usability testing and review, engaged in extensive requirements gathering, and developed wireframes and visual designs for the beta version of a new, community-centric internal team site.


some organizations we've worked with...

NASEM, PBS, PBS KIDS, PBS KIDS Ready to Learn, Gate Gourmet International, Hamiltonian Foundation, ETS and NAEP, Freedom House, New York City Charter School Center, United Way Worldwide