Alexandra's bio

With a combined background in communication, arts, and science — and wide-ranging experience in a variety of media and organizations — Alexandra is a truly multidimensional creative professional. Alexandra has a unique passion for discovering, examining and improving human experience in all facets of work and life, and is keenly committed to creating positive user experiences that derive from a deep understanding of end-user mental models, goals, and expectations, without losing sight of business and organizational goals.

Her love of the discovery process, driven by a natural curiosity that manifests in an ability to connect with a variety of people at all levels of an organization, leads to extremely insightful and innovative user experience and digital strategies that seamlessly merge business, marketing and communications goals with optimal user outcomes.

Both a right- and left-brained thinker, Alexandra is able to easily bridge the gap between how something looks and how it works, to produce superior interactive products that exceed both client and user expectations. She has developed interactive strategy for both large and small organizations, and is frequently engaged in a multi-role capacity on projects, allowing her to ensure the most seamless execution of strategic direction through site architecture definition and visual design direction.

Recently, Alexandra has worked with PBS Ready To Learn to provide strategic guidance, information and user interface design and development for public-facing reporting applications supported by big-data-driven learning analytics solutions tied to early education game-based learning. She has also provided user experience strategy, taxonomy definition and development, information architecture and design support for the development of an innovative new intranet approach for an international non-profit philanthropic organization.

Previously Art Director and User Experience Lead in the Washington, D.C.-based Creative Studio at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Alexandra led information and visual design projects for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, the U.S. House of Representatives, Snap-on Tools, Epilepsy Foundation, the American Democracy Institute, The California Wellness Foundation and DuPont.

Prior to joining Ogilvy, she spent 6 years as Director of Information Architecture and Design for PBS Interactive, designing and developing the Webby-award winning, along with other award-winning sites such as PBS Teachersource, PBS Parents and the PBS Program Club. She also spearheaded the specification, development, design and management of special projects for the PBS family of sites including the development of multi-channel television schedules for and the syndication of the customizable tool to PBS's nearly 175 member stations.

Alexandra also spent more than seven years in print design and production, including several years in curriculum development, instruction, and organizational consulting for clients including the Washington Post and National Geographic. She is an experienced editor and copywriter, and has extensive experience with content auditing and taxonomy development.

Alexandra has lived and worked in both West Africa and France, but originally hails from the friendly Midwest. She has made Washington, DC her home since 1992. A classically trained violinist, unapologetically amateur photographer and occasional interior designer, Alexandra's foundation in the arts is extensive, but her most recent extracurricular passion was earning a Bachelor of Science degree in physics with an emphasis in mathematics, including a research internship at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

She currently runs the startup cottage-food bakery The Laughing Tart, which makes some shockingly good sweets (if she does say so herself).

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